Land Ho!

Over the past few years I can’t count the number of times readers have asked (very patiently, mind you) WHEN my books would be in stores again.  It has been a long time coming, but this morning I’m taking a short break from writing The Promise of Home to happily announce that the books have landed! Saving Grace, Loving Helen, and Marrying Christopher can now be found in every single Deseret Book and Seagull bookstore. It’s a Christmas miracle, and I am very grateful to all those involved in the process.

Now for the shameless sales plug. Please buy them! Lest the Christmas miracle turn to a New Year’s Nightmare and they all get returned to me. Buy one for yourself, your sister, your mom, your husband (not quite a romance manual, but some definite tips to be found within). Buy one for your grandmother, your neighbor, your visiting teacher. If you’re done with your Christmas shopping, tell a friend who isn’t. Please. Marketing is so not my thing, but in this case it’s pretty important that readers know these are there and that the books move–if I hope to have future releases also in Deseret Book and Seagull. And I do. Hope. A lot of readers have asked for this, and I really do want to keep readers happy. I get that there is something about walking in a bookstore and picking up the actual book and holding it in your hand. It’s a little more magical then ordering an ebook or even the paperback off Amazon. So for those who have asked, I hope this helps with that wonderful book-buying experience.

While you may be enjoying that, I’m busy enjoying the book writing experience once more. For those following the latest Hearthfire series and awaiting The Promise of Home you’ll be happy to know that Katie hears the cry, “land ho” in the course of this story.  Her sea voyage is no picnic (as her painting in A Promise for Tomorrow foretold), but she’s going to survive to touch another shore. Though it is different from the one Alistair and her other clan members reach…

Happy reading!



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